Lansing Sail & Power Squadron, located in central Michigan, is one of 350 squadrons in United States Power Squadrons. USPS, the largest non-profit boating organization, has been helping boaters become more proficient for over a hundred years by offering a wide range of superior boating courses.

America's Boating Course

America's Boating Course (ABC) provides public instruction in the fundamentals of safe boating to the public, with no charge for instruction.  The course is designed to familiarize the student with the fundamentals of safe boating and qualify for certification in most states (including Michigan) that require boating education before operating a watercraft. ABC also includes an interactive computer CD-ROM which serves as a "virtual" instructor with audio and video clips.

Subjects include:

  • Boat handling under normal conditions
  • Adverse conditions and emergencies
  • Types of boats and boating terminology
  • Required and recommended equipment
  • Boating regulations and navigation rules
  • Lines and knots
  • Charts and aids to navigation (in 12-hour format only)
  • Piloting techniques (in 12-hour format only)
  • Marine radiotelephone usage
  • Trailer boating

The introductory course, does not cover such topics as the use of a nautical compass or the techniques of plotting courses. These subjects, and more, are covered in USPS seminars and advanced courses.

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Lansing Sail & Power Squadron is a unit of United States Power Squadrons and part of District 9.